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Corporate Branding


But, why?

Because we believe that your company image can became a corporate asset.
Many of the world’s most successful companies invest in their company branding as a valuable marketing asset.

We will help managers to co-ordinate the company’s vision, marketing communications, corporate strategy, organizational design and branding culture.

What is Branding?

Branding is not just your company’s logo. Branding is your overall company’s image and therefore your logo must be encompassing your content, your slogan, your story, your customer service, your product quality and your reputation. Your brand is a combination of elements that define and promote yourself and how people visualize and define you.

And, what is brand Identity?

A brand identity is a distintive visual look that is associated with a company or product. It is made of a logo and many elements around it that should be used in a clever consistent way, such colours, imagery, content, designs, etc. The logo should be faithfully unchangeable but the elements around it could be flexible.

A brand identity should be able to be recognised even if you don’t see the logo, maybe though style of designs and very defined corporate colors.

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What is a logo?

A logo is graphic symbol that represents a company, person or organization and can be just made as a typography word, with the name of the business. Logos made of type, also called wordmarks or logotype are our favourite, as people tends to use innecesary any graphic icon and these could be just part of the surrounded elements of a brand, without having to be there always.

A wordmark uses the details of typography to communicate the essence of your brand. Sometimes just applying a certain shade to a logotype can give it new depth and meaning.

Aside of wordmarks or logos just made of type, the most popular type of logo combines types with a graphic icon, adding meaning to the name of the company by using an illustration that tells more about the services. The graphic icon sometimes is just a decorative and eyecatching way to create a logo. If chosen wisely, this graphic icon will be recognised in time as a brand itself, even if used without text.

Choose a logo and start creating your brand

Your logo is the foundation of your brand and marketing strategy. Therefore we believe that investing in your logo design is a smart move.

If you’re looking for an agency to help rebrand your company – we’d love to chat!

At Elkoko Advertising we do high quality freelance work at very competitive pricing.

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Your logo is the foundation of your brand and marketing strategy. Therefore we believe that investing in your logo design is a smart move.

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